Dividend payments

All shareholders are entitled to the payment of dividends. You must simply hold Safran shares on the day before the ex-dividend date.

Dividend payment of Euro 1.38 per share for 2015

A dividend payment of Euro 1.38 per share, representing a 15 % increase compared with 2014, was approved by the shareholders' vote at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting on May 19, 2016. In line with customary practice, the payout represents approximately 40% of Group adjusted net income. An interim payment having been made in December 2015 (Euro 0.60 per share), the final dividend payment of Euro 0.78 per share was paid in 2016 (approximately Euro 326 million). This balance was paid from May 25, 2016 (ex-dividend date: May 23, 2016).

11-year summary of Safran's per-share