Unveiling talented young classical musicians

The Safran Foundation for Music provides a wide range of support measures for talented young classical musicians during their education and at the start of their careers.
Fedor Rudin, winner 2015 of the Safran Foundation for Music Award

The Safran Foundation for Music supports especially promising young musicians during their training and as their careers develop, via grants, helps in purchasing an instrument or issuing a CD, etc. To date, Safran has supported 164 projects of this type.

In 2014, thanks to Safran Corporate Foundation' support, the young clarinetist Raphaël Sévère has recorded a critically-acclaimed CD with Adam Laloum (piano) and Victor Julien-Laferrière (cello).

Icone Mécénat Alpha x110
supported by the Safran Foundation for Music, to date


In 2014 also, Safran Corporate Foundation for Music supported the violinist Irène Duval, who has won several international competitions. The Foundation contributed to the purchase of her bow.

The annual Safran Foundation for Music Award honors a particularly talented young musician each year. In 2015, it went to the Russian violinist, Fedor Rudin, following a "play off" between five young talented musicians. Fedor Rudin is the eighth artist to be rewarded since this Award has been created.