Safran Foundation for Integration

The Safran Foundation for Integration addresses the need for the social and professional integration of teenagers and young adults with disabilities. Its actions reflect the commitment of Safran and its employees to fight against all forms of exclusion.

Facilitating access to training and employment

Since being created in 2005, the Safran Foundation for Integration has supported 138 major projects, in France and in countries where Safran has established a major presence.

The Foundation contributes to the fight against the social or professional exclusion of young adults with a physical, mental or social impairment. It supports long-term projects submitted by associations, or carries out its own operations with the support of Safran employees.

For example, about 70 employees have joined the Frateli association, through which they mentor high-potential students from underserved neighborhoods, who receive government grants for their studies, all the way through school and into their first job.

Because of the broad range of its partnerships and initiatives, the Foundation wages effective battle against all forms of exclusion.

Through the association Femmes en avenir ("Women's future") the Foundation helps women reenter the workplace via restaurant jobs.
In conjunction with the association Sport dans la ville, ("Sports in the Hood"), the Foundation is a partner in a jobs program called Job dans la ville, designed to help young people find a long-term job, or a comprehensive training program.
The Foundation also works with the Jeanne Blum school to provide an opportunity for young people who have left school or are unemployed to take paramedical degree courses.


major projects supported by Safran Foundation for Integration, in
France or abroad, since its creation in 2005


Projects to support solidarity

The Foundation supports initiatives that facilitate social inclusion in Safran's major host countries, in particular :

  • Morocco: along with the association EMA, to support schools for children in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Casablanca
  • Brazil, along with the International Youth Foundation. Safran's Foundation supports actions to help young people from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro find jobs
  • India, by supporting the "Atelier au fils d'Indra", which helps 200 women from Pondicherry work to support their families.